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the quality or condition of being resonant (it is home and family that give resonance . . . to life George Gilder; Israel, gateway to Mecca, is of course a land of religious resonance and geopolitical significance James Wolcott)

having a prolonged, subtle, or stimulating effect beyond the initial impact; strong and deep in tone; resounding (a resonant voice; continuing to sound in the ears or memory); echoing

resonate, resonated, resonating, resonates.verbs
intransitive verb use.to exhibit or produce resonance or resonant effects; to resound
transitive verb use.to cause to resound

a fundamental.element, principle, or skill, as of a field of learning; something in an incipient or undeveloped form (the rudiments of social behavior in children; the rudiments of a plan of action)
Biology - an imperfectly or incompletely developed organ or part

of or relating to basic facts or principles; elementary; rudimental; being in the earliest stages of development; incipient; incompletely developed; embryonic (a rudimentary beak)

an acute, infectious, often fatal viral disease of most warm blooded animals, especially wolves, cats, and dogs, that attacks the central nervous system and is transmitted by the bite of infected animals

repel, repelled, repelling, repels.verbs
transitive verb use.to ward off or keep away; drive back: repel insects; to offer resistance to; to refuse to accept; reject; to cause aversion or distaste in (rudeness repels everyone); disgust; repulse; resistant to; be incapable of absorbing or mixing with (oil repels water)
Physics.-.to present an opposing force to; push back or away by a force (electric charges of the same sign repel one another)
intransitive verb use.to offer a resistant force to something

serving or tending to repel; able to repel; resistant or impervious to a substance (a water repellent fabric)
repellence or repellency.noun

a very large amount (reams of work to do); quantity of paper, formerly 480 sheets, now 500 sheets or, in a printer's ream, 516 sheets
ream, reamed, reaming, reams.transitive verbs
to form, shape, taper, or enlarge (a hole) with or as if with a reamer; to remove (material) by this process; to squeeze the juice out of (fruit) with a reamer

resolve, resolved, resolving, resolves.verbs
transitive verb use.to make a firm decision about; to find a solution to; solve; to bring to a usually successful conclusion (resolve a conflict); to cause (a person) to reach a decision; to decide; to separate (something) into constituent parts
intransitive verb use.to reach a decision or make a determination (resolve on a course of action); decide; analyze; solve
resolve.noun-firmness of purpose; resolution; a determination or decision; a fixed purpose
resolvability or resolvableness, resolver.nouns

the state or quality of being resolute; firm determination; a resolving to do something; a course of action determined or decided on; a formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by an assembly
Chemistry & Physics..the act or process of separating or reducing something into its constituent parts; the fineness of detail that can be distinguished in an image, as on a video display terminal
Law..a court decision; an explanation, as of a problem or puzzle; a solution; the part of a literary work in which the complications of the plot are resolved or simplified
Music..the progression of a dissonant tone or chord to a consonant tone or chord

replenish, replenished, replnnishing, replenishes.verbs
transitive use-to fill or make complete again; add a new stock or supply to: replenish the larder; to inspire or nourish (the music will replenish my weary soul)
intransitive use-to become full again
replenisher, replenishment.nouns

an authoritative, prescribed direction, especially one of regulations governing procedure; a generalized statement that describes what is true; Mathematics a standard method or procedure for solving a class of problems

a boisterous disturbance or quarrel; a brawl; an uproar; a great noise
row, rowed, rowing, rows.intransitive verb
to take part in a quarrel, a brawl, or an uproar

unprincipled, deceitful and unreliable person(s), group(s) or government(s); an organism that shows an undesirable variation from expected standards; a vicious and solitary animal, especially an elephant that has separated itself from its herd; a scoundrel or rascal
rogue, rogued, roguing, rogues.verbs
transitive verb use.to defraud
intransitive verb use.to remove deviant plants
deceitful; unprincipled

ravel, raveled, raveling, ravels.verbs
transitive verb use.to separate the fibers or threads of (cloth, for example); unravel; to clarify by separating the aspects of; to tangle or complicate
intransite verb use.to become separated into its component threads; unravel or fray; to become tangled or confused
a raveling; a broken or discarded thread; a tangle

rend, rent.or.rended, rending, rends.verbs
transitive verb use.to tear or split apart or into pieces; to pierce or disturb with sound (a piercing motorcycle noise rent the silence); emotional movement (tales that rend the heart); payment of an amount agreed upon made by one person to the other for occupancy
intransitive verb use.to become torn or split

a relative position in a society; an position or grade (rank of sergeant)
rank, ranked, ranking, ranks.verbs
transitive verb use.to place in a row or rows; to give a particular order or position to; classify
intransitive verb use.to form or stand in a row or rows; to hold a particular rank (ranked first in class)
pull rank.idiom
to use one's superior rank to gain an advantage

rank and file.noun
those who form the major portion of a group or an organization, excluding the leaders and officers  (the enlisted troops)

rank2, ranker, rankest.adjectives
strong and offensive in odor or flavor; conspicuously offensive; flagrant; absolute; complete (a rank amateur; a rank stranger); growing profusely or with excessive vigor.(rank vegetation in the jungle; yielding a profuse, often excessive crop; highly fertile (rank earth)
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